Caregiver Holiday Survival Guide

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Aaaah the holidays! The most stressful wonderful time of the year! When you are a family caregiver, the intensity of the holidays is often ratcheted up. On top of your already packed schedule, on top of your already stretched thin nerves, on top of your already over-the-top caffeine habit, you need to turn on the cheer and the charm and spend even more time with and caring for family. We hope the magic of the season will give us a boost, but that’s not always the case.

  • For caregivers who live with their elderly parents, the holidays can feel like a broken promise. There’s no rest for a live-in caregiver!
  • For caregivers who live by but not with their parents, the holidays can pose logistical challenges, like how to get Dad up the front stairs or how to plan a family gathering around the assisted living or skilled nursing facility schedule.
  • For long-distance caregivers, the holidays can be an eye opener that Mom and Dad are declining and you can’t resolve everything you may want to during your trip home.
  • For working caregivers, the hustle of the holiday coincides with end-of-year reports, performance reviews, planning sessions and parties at work.
  • And all caregivers deal with some level of grieving – if not for family members who have passed away then for holidays past when their parents were younger and healthier.

And then there are the decorations and wrappings – holy trip hazards! Turkeys and traditions and oh so much togetherness! Secret Santa swaps and not-so secret sibling rivalries.

But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with our Caregiver Holiday Survival Guide! It’s got everything you need to make it through the rest of the year.


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Remember, the holidays are just another day on the calendar. Maintain your sense of humor, carve out some alone time where you can, give yourself a break. Sip some champagne! You are a warrior! You are doing the best you can! And your best is pretty damn amazing. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah and here’s to 2017! Santa Claus's Disaster


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  1. Thanks for collecting several related posts in one spot. The holidays are hard enough without being a caregiver. You are doing good work to provide at-your-fingertips resources. Happy Holidays to you.

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