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7 Ways to Stay Relevant at Work

As working daughters we know we can’t predict when caregiving will hit. But one thing we do know, based on data from the National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP, is that caregiving often hits at a very precarious point in a woman’s career. The research tells us that the average caregiver is female, married, in her late […]

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Juggling Career and Care: Podcast

Denise Brown of hosts a popular podcast called “Your Caregiving Journey.” I was a guest on the show this week talking about the caregiving and career juggle. You can tune in here.    

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7 Ways to Get Organized at Work and Prep for the New Year

Are you working this week? Take advantage of how many other people took end-of-year vacation and use what will hopefully be a quiet week to get organized for 2016. Here are 7 things you can do to prepare for the new year. Unsubscribe to emails you never read. During the year you had good intentions of […]

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Are You on Facebook?

Are you on Facebook? That’s like asking have you ever tried water. Well we are and we’d love for you to join us there to continue the discussion about working daughters. Join the Working Daughter private Facebook group and meet other women balancing caregiving and career. Tell us your challenges, vent, share your best advice, or just […]

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5 Workplace Policies That Make Life Easier for Family Caregivers

What makes a good work environment for working daughters and sons? Jennifer Owens, editorial director of Working Mother magazine, shared the five workplace policies that make life easier for new parents with Mashable and it got me thinking, what are the best workplace policies that make life easier for family caregivers? Here are my recommendations – […]

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10 Ways to Function at Work When Your Life is a Mess

In the summer of 2014, my life got crazy overnight. Both of my parents got sick at the same time and in a matter of months I dealt with seven hospital stays, four moves, two terminal diagnosis and hospice. And through it all, I had to go to work – and function. If I could […]

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6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence in a Hurry

We all have those days when we need a boost of confidence – presentations at work, performance reviews, tough client calls, networking events, important meetings with the care team – but we’re feeling anything but large and in charge. What do you do in those instances? You fake it ‘til you make it! Here are […]

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MCW Opening Night

Giveaway: Two Tix to Opening Night at the Mass Conference for Women

I’m giving away four tickets to opening night at the Mass Conference for Women, coming up this Wednesday, Dec. 9. The conference offers community, connection, information, inspiration, motivation and momentum to help you plan your career and life. It’s one of my favorite events every year.  This year’s Conference is sold out, but you can meet some of the […]

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8 Tips for Balancing Caregiving and Career

One weekend last summer I got a call that something was wrong at my parents’ house and could I go check on them immediately. I left the house the next morning and didn’t return for a week. It turned out they were both sick and in seven days I admitted my father to the ER, […]

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Hope for Working Caregivers: More Employee Benefits

“Elder care is a lot like being a parent in some respects but without the joy.” So said Janet James, a working daughter, in a Washington Post article titled, “Aging population prompts more employers to offer elder-care benefits to workers.” While James’ comment is sobering, the article is hopeful and outlines a number of companies that are addressing the […]

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Why Caregivers Should Lean In

Many women tell me that Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In is not applicable to them. “I’m not interested in building a high-powered career, I am interested in building a well-rounded life,” they say. That’s exactly why they should lean in at work. We know that female caregivers often suffer career, and therefore, financial, setbacks due to caregiving. According to The National Alliance […]

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