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7 Ways to Get Organized at Work (And Caregiver-Proof Your Career)

We all know working while caregiving has its challenges. So it’s incumbent upon you to set yourself up for success as best you can. That way, when caregiving does impact your job this year (and you should expect that it will!), your reputation, your inbox, your projects, and your network are all strong enough to weather the storm. […]

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7 Tips for Managing Up At Work

Working caregivers tell me balancing work and caregiving is one of their greatest challenges. Of course it is. We need to show up, engage, and be productive when we get to work – and those things can be incredibly difficult when we are caring for, and worrying about, our aging parents. As caregivers, so much […]

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how to prepare for a performance review

How To Prepare For A Performance Review (When You’re Underperforming)

It’s time to prepare for your performance review at work. And the truth is, caregiving has impacted your job. You’ve been doing your best to balance career and care, but you’ve missed some days, and some deadlines. And now, your annual performance review is scheduled. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to approach […]

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Caregivers, If You Want Flexibility at Work, Do This

In the past six months, I have needed more flexibility from work than any other point in my career. Between both of my parents getting sick and moving to senior housing, and my two children joining more school activities and sports, I’ve had to reduce my hours, shift my schedule, and find ways to get my work done […]

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