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how to find respite care graphic

The Simple Way to Find Respite Care

You’re stressed. Overwhelmed. Desperately in need of a vacation. “Look into respite care,” friends and family tell you. Respite care is temporary help for your caregiving duties. It can be someone who cares for your family member a few hours a week for several weeks. It can be a senior living facility that takes residents for two […]

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Caregiver News Roundup Nov. 29, 2015

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of caregiver related stories and news from around the web. From The Huffington Post, a note of thanks to caregivers everywhere. Also from The Huffington Post, gift ideas for people with dementia. From the Alzheimer’s Reading Room, helpful tips for reframing your thoughts when caring for someone with […]

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Holiday Hacks for Caregivers

  Reminder: Holidays are supposed to be fun. Yeah right. We’re busy taking care of other people. Our to do lists doubles or triple. And there’s that damn Elf on the Shelf!  But we don’t have to make ourselves crazy – that’s a choice. Choose to relax this season. Here’s how:     Avoid the crowds. […]

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Caregiving and the Holidays: The Stress is Real

Please tell me I’m not the only one who blew up at their family yesterday – over nothing. I was cranky in the morning so my husband tried to do the right thing. He walked over to me and gave me a hug. After twenty-something years of marriage, I finally have him trained. But then […]

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Who Are the Caregivers

Thank you to Home Healthcare Adaptations for sending us this infographic, “Who Are the Caregivers,”  which highlights who the caregivers are, who they care for, and what care they provide. One note of caution: if I were creating this graphic I would change the section titled, “Characteristics of Good Caregivers” to, “Characteristics of Perfect, or Paid, […]

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Give Thanks; Reduce Stress

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re heading into this holiday season stress-free, you may not be a caregiver. (You may not even be human, for that matter.) The flip side of feasting, visiting, decorating and giving is cleaning, cooking, shopping and family dynamics. When you add all of that to your to-do list which already includes working and caring […]

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gift guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

We want you to enjoy the holidays, not get stressed about all the extra items on your to do list. So we’ve picked out gifts for all of the people on your shopping list, including you. Here are our top picks this holiday season for: The friend who never lets you down: This White Lavender Truffle whipped […]

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Proposes Tax Break for Caregivers

In what will hopefully be much more emphasis on caregiving from the presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton proposed a tax credit for caregivers taking care of elderly or disabled family members. From her plan: “Many family members, most often spouses and adult daughters*, spend time out of the workforce, cut back on hours, or use personal […]

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Vivian Geary

The Working Daughter Interview: Vivian Geary

Vivian Geary is the founder and CEO of Caring for Family Caregivers. Vivian admires the resiliency of  other caregivers and builds her own by taking care of herself. Where and when do you feel most competent? I feel most competent at home taking care of household issues.  Everything is very fluid and I don’t have […]

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So You Think It’s Time for Assisted Living

  5 Tips for Starting “the Conversation” Several of you have told me you are heading into Thanksgiving weekend planning to have “the talk” with elderly relatives about their living situations. It’s become apparent to you that your parent or relative living alone isn’t a good scenario. You’re worried about isolation, falls, navigating the stairs, driving, […]

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Caregiver News Roundup Nov. 22, 2015

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of caregiver related stories and news from around the web. From Elle: Taking Care of a Parent is the Ultimate Test of Adulthood A personal essay about coming of age as an adult caregiver. From Wicked Local Concord: Holidays bring opportunity to review elder care Great list of “red flags” […]

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I am very busy phone case

You Need Backup So We Found the Perfect Power Pack

  You play the power position in so many people’s life so you certainly can’t be without backup. This battery pack is the perfect tool for your busy life.  Compatible with iPhone 4-6S+, IPad and Android phones and tablets, it has two USB connections. $54 from

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