The Working Daughter Manifesto

The working daughter manifesto is our battle cry. This is the way we balance eldercare with career and kids and life. As a result, we make this life work for us.

Get an 8×10 glossy poster here.

working daughter manifesto


7 comments on “The Working Daughter Manifesto”

  1. crystal shank arzu Reply

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I need to share with all my Midlife friends. It’s easy to forget how strong and resilient we can be. This is a great reminder why we must stay strong!!!

  2. Debbie Reply

    Right now I am at a fork in my caregiving road.
    Work is at the point where the leaving and call outs is at an end.
    Mom is 83 and is in a moderate stage of Alzheimer’s. She also has many more health conditions.
    I am torn between it bring time for a nursing home and continuing my sister daycaring fir her three days a week.

    • admin Reply

      Such tough decisions! Approach your decisions with equal parts compassion and courage. Compassion for your mother and the courage to do what’s best – where will she get the best level of care?

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  4. Maria Reply

    I like this! I’m not a daughter to the people I’m caregiving but I’m their granddaughter. Sometimes I feel like I’m the caregiver to my mother or else she’d be more stressed than she already is trying to take care of her parents and work a very overwhelming full time job. Thank you for this!

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